How to Spend a Soggy Sunday

Even though it’s Sunday, I’m up with the birds! It’s grey and gloomy but it’s still dry so I head out to pound the pavement sans rain jacket, after all it isn’t raining – yet! Of course, it doesn’t take long for the heavens to open so now I’m sweaty and soggy but you know, I really rather like running in the rain, it’s well, refreshing!

That  run just about sets me up for the day. After braving the elements to get groceries and to wake ourselves up with some quality coffee, we settle in and settle down for the day indoors. We might still be without heatng, but the tumble dryer and the oven are in overdrive and keeping us temporarily toasty! I get busy making the mixture for some Chocolate Pecan Slice. We’ve got Shannon and Jane coming for dinner on Wednesday and it’s the perfect after dinner treat… if it lasts that long that is! It’s just too tempting! Every time I open the fridge it screams my name and says EAT ME!

After I catch up on a few episodes of Masterchef, I am inspired enough to finally make Nigella’s Totally Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’ve been itching to get my hands dirty with these little babies since I saw Sara’s at Sew Appetising. They looked so utterly delicious, I had to try. I am no longer a Nigella virgin. I’m hooked on her books. I’ read How to be a Domestic Goddess and salivate for the remainder of the afternoon.

There’s just time to throw the chook into the oven. Tonight, we’re trying a twist on last week’s Donna Hay recipe Quick Flat Roasted Chicken. This time we add a magical mix of lemon, thyme and garlic which makes for a super Sunday roast!