New Nikes and Nuclear

It’s like four seasons an hour today. I wake up to sunshine but an hour later, when I go to the hospital, it’s grey and blowing a gale. I swing by the Prof’s office to drop off baked goods and give the Feeder programme a kick start before I embark on Hospital Phase One. This involves a myriad of blood tests and then a neck ultrasound. Having an ultrasound on one’s neck is such an annoying affair because you can’t see the screen.  So frustrating for a nosey parker like myself!

There then follows a hospital intermission and I know exactly how I’m going to spend it – running! I’m in my new Nike treads and threads and am ready and raring to go. However, it seems as though the weather has other plans for me. The sky is looking dark and dangerous, winds are wild and the rain is a-coming. I soooo want to pound the pavement but I have to be smart, in these conditions I could get sick and/or injured! So, I compromise, I keep on running but inside at the gym, instead of outside around the town. I’m not a big fan of treadmill running and find it mind numbingly boring, but  a change is as good as a rest, right? I put my new shoes through their paces,  throw in some interval training for good measure and hey presto, finish off a nifty 5km with a personal best! I’m stoked! In a classic example of Murphy’s Law, the sun is shining and the sky is blue right after my workout!

However,  I don’t have time to bask in my glory or enjoy the sunshine, I have to get back to the hospital to get radioactive. I kill some more calories running all the way back  and arrive looking more than a little sweaty and shabby. I needn’t have rushed, there’s a bit of a backlog! After what seems like an eternity, I meet the nuclear doctor and out comes the vial. I’m a little disappointed, there’s no Star Wars outfits, space age smoke or a radioactive bracelet this time, I just take my little capsule of radioactivity and well, that’s it. I’m red hot and dangerous. They ask me to sit in the waiting room for 10 minutes, just so as I don’t spontaneously combust and then I’m sent home until Friday to brew. I wonder if I’ll get to glow…