Thursday Friend-Fest

So far this week I have transformed from a pin-pricked caterpillar into a social butterfly! I have done the hard yards with the needles, the radioactive capsule and served my time in the doctor’s waiting rooms, now I’m reaping the rewards! It’s time to let my (new) hair down and start to have some fun.

Today, the weather is on my side and the sun is shining. David’s alarm clock may not be working but my body clock is well synced and I wake us both up, just in time, for David to go to work and me to go to the gym.

I can’t wait to work out with Kathy. I think she thinks I’m serious when I tell her I have atomic superpowers because she’s asking me to do things that the bionic woman would find a bit difficult! Man, she really puts me through my paces. I have a theory that the later your session, the harder she makes you work. Today I have the “luxury” of a later slot at 8.15, I’m sure I don’t hurt so much when I have my regular sesh at 6!

So Thursday starts with training with Kathy, followed by brunch with Anton, and then coffee with Nicky. I’m not done with having fun with my friends yet, Eve’s coming over for dinner tonight!

Although I down tools in the kitchen, the Feeder Program is still going great, there’s Chocolate Pecan Slice for Anton,  some of that Chocolate Birthday Cake for Nicky to take home to the kids and Eve gets a goody bag too.

I take advantage of the wonderful weather and finally give my herbs a home in the new window boxes. They’re looking a bit sad, I don’t think their 3 day sojourn in the laundry room did them any favours. I’m hoping that the sunshine and fresh air will bring them back to life, and more flavour to my food. Cross your fingers!

I can’t wait for the scan tomorrow. I just want to know the results, already!