That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

Have you ever woken up with that sick, empty feeling in your stomach? And then you remember why. Like today’s the day you have a dentist appointment or today’s the day you have to take a test or something else really rather unsavoury like that? Well, there have been quite a few days like that over the past year. I don’t want you to think that I’ve been drowning in my own self pity, because I most certainly haven’t, but there has been the odd morning that started with a momentary sink of the stomach when I think to myself another new day, and I still have Cancer.

Well, not today! This day starts so very differently. Today I wake up and feel all warm and fuzzy, and it takes me a minute or two to remember why! Yesterday seems like a lifetime ago and quite like a dream. I’m hoping it’s for real. The air ambulance wakes me up much earlier than I would have liked at 5am but nothing is going to rain on today’s parade. I feel a bit sad when I hear the hospital chopper, because someone’s Saturday is off to a seriously bad start.

I have lots to be happy about today. For a start, radioactivity is a thing of the past and tonight I can go back to my own bed. My night time exile is over! I’m safe to sleep with again! Then there’s the fact that the flat is all warm and toasty; hooray for heating! Outside it’s baltic but at least the sun is shining! This morning, we have a little breakfast adventure and try out Treehouse in North Sydney, before exploring the local community markets. The stalls are just too tempting – we leave with a new cake tin (as if I haven’t got enough already!) and some gourmet olive oils and dressings. So yum!

When we get home, I set about filling up my social  diary with all the plans I haven’t yet dared to make. There’s the Good Food Show on 23 June, the Sutherland to Surf Race on 22 July and we even manage to  book a well needed weekend away in the country at the end of July. We decide an escape to the country has  to be the best bet. We’ve chosen a  place where there’s nothing to do except eat, drink, sleep and relax. Just what the doctor ordered!

I’m ready and raring to go to Pump but the gym timetable has changed so when I rock up at the time which I think is early for class, I’m actually super late instead! Ooopsie! Nothing’s going to burst my bubble today, so I change into my running shoes and speed off  outside into the sunshine. Everything happens for a reason – it’s way too nice outside to exercise indoors! I’ve inadvertently done myself a favour!

Today, I stay out of the kitchen and stick to the sofa where I vegetate rather nicely until it’s time to go out to meet Tracey and Nick for dinner. Tonight it’s a Brazilian barbecue feast – it brings a whole new meaning to “meat and greet!” The fun and the food just doesn’t stop!