Pyjama Day

The weather is miserable enough to merit a Pyjama Day. The concept of a Pyjama Day is oh-so-simple. You wake up in your pyjamas, and you stay in them in a most slovenly fashion, for as long as time will allow.

I have a pyjama break  when I brave the cold to pound the pavement. I’m protected from the elements with my new running jacket and woolly headband which keeps my ears as warm as two toasted marshmallows. I’m loving running in my new Nikes, I don’t know if it’s psychological, but I’m sure they make me run faster!

Back at home, I’m back in my pyjamas. It’s way too cold or wet to go outside, and there’s no better way to spend a rainy day than in the kitchen! We’re off to Adam and Leda’s later and I won’t go if I’m not bearing baked goods. We haven’t been shopping so I’m limited to whatever’s in the larder or what I can find in the fridge but I manage to cobble together some Mini Cheese and Corn Quiches and try out Nigella’s Baklava Muffins. Both are super yummy and we have a hard job resisting the kitchen treats. At the rate we’re eating them, we’ll be  going empty handed this evening!

It’s raining wombats and wallabies tonight but undeterred, we rug up, dig out the industrial umbrella and head out into the wet. There’s bonhomie, bubbles and the sweet smell of baklava at Adam and Leda’s.  Adam makes some stunning seafood snacks, the wine is flowing, the quiches are consumed and there are a lot of laughs. And there’s baby Chloe, gorgeous and growing fast,  who miraculously sleeps through it all!