People Power

We were out in the cold, literally, while we waited 4 weeks for our agency to fix up the heating. Their all round lack of remorse and general ineptitude to resolve the issue was really rather infuriating. Despite badgering them with emails and phone calls, and incessant requests for mobile heaters, nothing was done. Not only did our phone calls and emails fall on deaf ears, so did our subsequent request for compensation.

I’m like a dog with a bone with my compensation claim. It’s only money, after all. But actually, it’s more than money, it’s a lot of frayed nerve endings too! I just can’t let it lie. If the agency won’t cough up the compensation, we can take them to tribunal and grab the cash that way. I know the law is on our side, and we’re in the right,  but confrontation never feels comfortable.

The whole sorry saga has been pretty stressful, but as my counsellor says, it would have been more stressful had we not taken action and brewed in our own bad feeling! At least this way, we hang on to a shred of self dignity and fight for our rights. It’s a matter of principle!

So, imagine my sheer delight when I receive an email accepting our compensation claim! The Beastie Boys were right, sometimes, you have to fight for your right, to party! Hooray for People Power!