Full of Beans

Finally, the sun is shining! I seize the moment and start my half marathon training, right here, right now! I haven’t been organised enough to plan a new improved, longer route, so instead, I run around the block times three, and clock up nearly 12 kilometres! I don’t feel tired, just immensely satisfied! I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

The good thing about getting up bright and early is that you have all that value added time to enjoy the day and it just makes the weekend last that little bit longer. I have a lovely long bath and big fun decorating Nigella’s Buttermilk Birthday Cake with Bill’s Whipped Buttercream for Eve’s Birthday. I should have made two cakes and sandwiched them together, but I’m way too lazy for that, so I just chopped the one layer in half and sandwiched that together. Now it’s slathered in whipped buttercream and topped with those juicy jellybeans – my celebrity chef cake doesn’t look half bad. However, my icing still looks really rustic. Clearly, my cake decorating technique is a work in progress!

Eve’s birthday lunch at a local bar is a rather jolly affair. There’s birthday bonhomie, bubbles, beer and some fantastic food. And then there’s the cake. Apparently, state law won’t allow us to cut the cake ourselves, it has to be done in the kitchen! Doh! My jellybean cake crown may look cute, but apparently it’s a killer to cut! The slices that are served are outsize but who cares when the cake tastes this  good?! Hooray for Nigella! She’s done it again!

After the birthday buzz, we retire to the ranch, where we kick back and relax for a very well deserved lazy Sunday afternoon!