The Back Up Plan

My back is Bad. Notice the capital ‘B’. On the subject of B, a few other words come to mind; bummer (as in major,) boo and bah!

I can hardly get out of bed, so I think pump class is off the agenda this morning. This is not the best start to my Tuesday. I was really looking forward to a little barbell action.

Still, no point drowning in my own self-pity, I can always take positive action to turn round a negative situation. First off, I make an appointment with  Kerren, the queen of massage, who kindly fits me in tomorrow. I can’t wait to feel her massage magic. Much as it pains me to say it, think it, and most of all, do it, I am  out of action and won’t be able to train for a few days, at least. It’s pretty obvious my body needs a break. A break as in a rest I mean, not a break as in a broken back!

On the plus side, the time I spend out of the gym, I can spend in the kitchen! I’m quite excited about the forthcoming kitchen chaos! My back hurts most when I’m bending or moving quickly, but is pretty painless when I’m upright. Lucky, I’m so short, I don’t even have to bend to look in the oven!

Work is super busy; I get a new class,  and that Donna Hay’s Lemon and Yoghurt Cake vanishes in nano seconds, hoovered up by the hungry hordes in the office. Everyone’s loving the lemony delicious!

Back at home, I get my wiggle on in the kitchen and start Stage 1 of David’s Birthday Cake. I’m trying out Good Food’s Chocolate Fudge Cake because it looks yummy, is super easy, freezes well and if that all isn’t enough,  I’m such a tight ass, I want to put my last dregs of sour cream to good use! I don’t have the right size pan, so improvise and use my lamington pan instead. I’m pretty pleased with the finished fudginess, but pop it straight into the freezer, away from prying eyes and hungry mouths!