It’s Party Time!

The Business of AwesomeSo the cake is iced, the balloons are blown and it’s time to be a smarty and start to party – David is 40! We’ve reserved a room in one of David’s favourite places, Harts Pub, where there’s great boutique beer, bonhomie and big screens (for the sport fanatics!) It’s a wonderful evening full of fun and food and beer and cheer.

Tonight, David literally has his cake and eats it and has an absolutely fabulous time. The food is fine, the beer is brilliant and the cake is corking but what really makes tonight so terrific is the people. Tonight we are surrounded by a totally awesome bunch – friends and family – and we know that we are truly blessed.

This party has been in the pipeline for quite some time, and I love it when a plan comes together. David gets to party happily ever after. It’s the perfect end to a perfect week. What a birthday bonanza!

David's 40th Birthday Party