Burning the Birthday Candles at Both Ends

Something Good in Every DayThe past two weeks have been an absolute party-go-round! I really have had my cake (and everyone else’s!) and eaten it! There’s been food, wine and lots of fun with friends, and the good times have certainly rolled, and rolled and rolled… and now they’re taking their toll.

I am totally cream crackered. I know it’s time to quit while I’m ahead, I’m nearly at the cat yawning stage and am throwing temper tantrums at twilight every evening. It’s like the English Werewolf in Sydney and it’s not pretty!  I’m just too tired!

Monday was my birthday, Tuesday I was recovering from my birthday, Wednesday was a birthday dumpling feast with Kitty and Jane, Thursday was training with Kathy and today is meltdown! I have completely run out of steam.

Sometimes, my body kids me into thinking I am still  the Energiser Bunny that I was with a thyroid and then suddenly, I realise that I just can’t do it like I used to! Maybe it’s old age, maybe it’s thyroidlessness but whatever it is, I have to slow down.

I’m looking forward to going slow at the weekend, and it’s going to be a long one too, I’m taking Monday off to ensure my batteries are fully recharged!