Achieving my Objectives

Poo-losohpySometimes when I have a day off, it flies by so fast, that I wonder how I ever have time to go to work! Today is no exception, and is absolutely action packed! But I do love it when I achieve all my objectives.

1. Muffin Magic

I don’t even have time to lie in, I’m up early to make some of Simone’s Best Ever Muffins because Kathy’s bobbing over for early morning tea. There’s nothing worse than tea without treats, and I can’t have Kathy leaving the house hungry. As it is, she leaves with a doggy bag with a little stash of muffins for the family! The Feeder Programme is on, even when I’m off!

2. Run the Distance

It’s a glorious day in Sydney and I can’t wait to get out and pound the pavement. I’m desperate to run the distance today, so I run into the city, over the Harbour Bridge, around the Harbour and back through the city to the train station, where I cheat and choo-choo all the way home! I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, I’ve run 11km and got me a new personal best!

3. Go Snow Patrol

Later, I steam my way through my To-Do  list; work my way through a pile of ironing, which is boring but strangely satisfying. I glue myself to the computer and score us some Snow Patrol tickets for October so I’m stoked.

4. A Career in Counselling

I’m on a roll and it’s full steam ahead! I finally enroll on my counselling course and take my first baby step towards a new career. As C.S Lewis said “you are never too old to set a new goal or dream another dream.” It’s a big investment in terms of money, time and energy but I can’t wait to add such a valued added string to my bow.

5. An Implanon Implant

This little baby is inserted into the upper arm and provides effortless contraception for up to 3 years. This is not so much a luxury as a necessity, as I can’t get pregnant even if I wanted to, after last year’s radiation rally. It’s pretty icky taking out the old implant and replacing it with a new one but after all the pin pricking and surgery sojourns over the past year, I can tough out a myriad of medical proceedures. I think the Doctor thinks I must have nerves of steel and/or a very high pain threshold! She bandages my arm up and off I trot feeling only a little worse for wear. I hope David appreciates this – I’ve really taken one for the team.

Not bad for a day’s not-at-work! Missions Accomplished!