A Pub2Pub Purpose

Cans and Plans

Today I’m thinking about that quote from Avenue Q; “everyone needs a purpose.” And no one needs one more than ME!

After my two second shortfall yesterday at the Sutherland to Surf, I feel like a little leaf flying aimlessly in the wind or something like that anyway. I know I have the almighty feat of a half marathon to train for, but I feel like a full-on focused short term goal would feel real good right now.

Sure enough, I have more than enough on my plate with my counselling course (I know, my books have not been opened yet, but they have gathered a good deal of dust…) blogging and baking. Still, I need something to run towards… literally. Running balances my yin and my yang and makes me energised and focused.

So imagine my delight when talking to Dave at work, he tells me of another run, and this time I can really go the distance! The timing is perfect, (2 weeks before the half,) the 13km distance is terrific for half marathon training and the name is just too tempting… Pub2Pub. The bit I like best is that all the money raised goes to charity which means not only do I get a lot out of the experience, but I can give something back too.

It’s a hat trick of happiness. Firstly, I start at the pub and run to the pub. Secondly, I get to run on the beach – literally (the first 800m of the course is across the sand,)  and thirdly, and best of all, I’m in good company with fine friends. I can’t sign up fast enough!

Everyone needs a purpose! And I’ve got mine! What’s yours?!