Food for Thought: Top Tip 2

2. Move your body and “change your genes to that of a younger person!”

Cindy from Nutritionchic explains that there are two types of exercise, aerobic (planned sessions of physical activity,) and  incidental (everyday activities, such as gardening, housework and taking the stairs.)

Excerise in any shape of form has a whole heap of benefits, first and foremost it lengthens your life!

It also, strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure, makes you less depressed, releases more endorphins, strengthens the heart and lungs, makes muscle, controls your weight, makes your brain more alert, makes the immune system stronger, it’s relaxing, it’s a good time to think, pray, chat and, just have some ME time!

When you look at that long list of benefits, who wouldn’t want to jump off the couch, get fit, get healthy and start reaping those rewards.

Most significantly, the Cancer Council  says that it’s super important for Cancer survivors to return to regular exercise as soon as possible. I wholeheartedly agree. Exercising my way through my Cancer journey has kept my body, and equally importantly, my soul together!