Food for Thought: Top Tip 6

6. “That Meat Lovers Pizza ain’t Loving Me Back” (Bolt)

Limit the amount of processed and red meat in your diet. Try to eat no more than 500g red meat every week and eat at least 2 serves of fish. This doesn’t have to be a gourmet fish feast, it can be as simple as a can of tuna! Try swapping your ham sandwich for a tuna one instead, and pass on the sausages at the barby, and choose chicken or fish as a tasty alternative.

Eating less red meat is reduces your risk of heart disease and  cancer. It’s a double whammy! Moreover, fish is rich in Omega 3 which has lots of amazing benefits for your body. Scientists have an idea that Omega 3 produces epoxides, which go into Cancer cells and can stop them from spreading, or mestasising. Isn’t fish  fabulous!