Pump ‘n’ Pizza

So it’s back to the early morning call and a jolly at the gym to battle my ever-increasing-bulge. I’m pumping iron and loving it. I can lift more weights than my last pump class, so things are on the up, especially the weights on the end of my bar!

I’ve enjoyed all the wining and dining with the visitors but there’s no doubt about it, my girth is growing! However, although my eating is certainly off road,  my training is right on track. If you play, you pay. There’ll always be time in my schedule, no matter how busy I am, to keep fit and feel fabulous.

In the evening I set about undoing all my good work with some bubbles with the girls in Stitch Bar and later, a little pseudo-family outing to Cafe Moretti. I can’t say it’s the best pizza in Sydney, but it’s certainly the best we’ve tasted in Sydney and as usual, the pizza is perfect. This place never disappoints. What could be better, pals and pizza?