Dizzy Quizzy

David’s at football, Joan’s meeting a mate which leaves me and Beverley to keep the flag flying. We decide to give the Trivia Quiz at the Cabana Bar a go and Tracey is brave enough to join us. The lure of a ten dollar steak, fun with friends, points and prizes are just too much to resist!

The night gets off to a promising start with some succulent steaks and a win in the heads and tails round. This is where the quiz master tosses two coins and the punters have to predict the toss by placing hands on either their head or their hind. Trace and I are out in the first round, but Beverley goes the distance winning a free pizza voucher for the team! Yay! Go Bev!

We make the most of our victory with our random win because we’re not fancying our chances in the quiz proper. We don’t need a crystal ball to tell you we won’t be winning much tonight! We have the smallest team and we’re all girls with a specialist knowledge in handbags. I don’t think that’s going to cut the mustard with this seasoned bunch of professional quizzers. As it turns out, I come up trumps on the question about Big Things but we pretty much stuff up everything else. Even the quiz master feels sorry for us and gives us some crafty clues!

There’s no prizes for guessing who comes last! We do! However, we’re only last by 1 point and it’s been such a fun night, all we’ve lost is a bit of street cred! Everyone’s a winner,  baby!