Kitchen Feng Shui

It’s Friday, Tired Day so tonight we do not frequent the pub, we come straight home instead for some quality R and R. Besides, I’ve been dying to make pizza dough in the Thermomix for a while now, and tonight’s the night.

Waiting for dough to rise, is like watching paint dry, so inbetween contemplating our mass of congealed flour and water, we turn our attention to the chaos that is the kitchen. The cooking end of the kitchen is chaos, I grant you, but at least it’s organised. At the other end however, in the dining area, it’s just an Armageddon-esque obstacle course.

With a sudden and rather unexpected burst of energy, we take matters, and furniture into our own hands and put the place in order. We move my cookbook bookcase which is straining under the weight of it’s cargo. I take the opportunity to have a cookbook amnesty; what I don’t need and don’t love, is going on a one-way ticket to the charity shop! Meanwhile, David meddles with the wine racks and by the time the dough has risen, this end of the kitchen is looking pretty palatial after it’s mini-makeover.

Once the dough is done, the pizzas are prepared and then cooked to perfection. What a delicious reward for all our hard work!