Successful Shopping

I’m feeling uber happy after my harbour run and we celebrate Saturday at brunch with Adam, Leda and Baby Chloe at my new favourite North Sydney cafe Treehouse.  After we take a sneak peek around the shops and I’m pretty stoked when I finally find some chipotle paste, in a butcher’s shop, of all places! I’ve searching high and low in random supermarkets and trendy food shops looking for the stuff, so this is quite a find.

Later at home, we contemplate the bomb site that is the kitchen dining area and fire up to take positive action. We  decide to walk to the local home shopping mall and splash out on some modular wine racks to store our surplus bottles. While David builds our DIY cellar, I go for the groceries with only my nana trolley for company!

The kitchen looks a treat. Our wine is packed to perfection. It’s a total transformation!

It’s been a productive and action packed day. It’s been so busy,  I haven’t even had time to make a mess in the kitchen! That must be a first!