I’m out of bed with a hop, a skip and a jump. Hooray! Today’s the day I’m going to run my first Pub2Pub – all 13km of it!

Who needs friends with benefits, when you have friends with wheels? Today my mate Dave is the nominated driver and is ferrying Kitty and I straight to the start line at the stunning Dee Why Beach. We can’t wait to get going.

Ready to Run the Pub2Pub 2012

The first 800m is straight across the sand. This is the first time I have run on sand, and I can’t say I really care for it because a) it’s hard and b) it’s dirty. My shoes get all grainy!

Beach Running at Pub2Pub!

Once I’m done and dusted with the sand, things get a lot better. The conditions are perfect, the weather is wonderful and the views are absolutely breathtaking. We run across beaches, along estuaries and through little suburbs that I never knew existed! It’s a total coastal mystery tour!

Check out these Pub2Pub views

Today I’m training my mind as much as my body. I’m confident my legs can go the distance but I need to get my head in the right space. I try not to obsess about my time across the line and instead, enjoy the experience. I remind myself how lucky I am to be physically able to take part and that my good health is not a right, it’s a blessing. I am going to take this awesome opportunity, and run with it (literally)!

There’s hills, thrills and spills but I finally get over the finish line! I make good time in 1:18:50 and although it’s not my fastest run ever, it’s certainly one of the funnest! Tony Abbot, leader of the Opposition is running too and beats me, but only by a minute!

Fun with Friends at the Pub2Pub

There’s nothing better than the sweet taste of victory, than the cool taste of beer after a big run! So once I’m reunited with my friends, we go up to the pub to enjoy some well earned breakfast beer and post race good cheer!

Post Race Beer and Beautiful Views