Movie Motivation

I’m pleased I make it to pump this morning. I pump iron like it’s going out of fashion and feel strong as an ox. I’m back to the weights I was lifting before I hurt my back, which seems like aeons ago! Excuse the pun, but I’m back!

My friend Sarah is coming over from the Mother Country at the weekend and the Half Marathon is only two weeks away so my training schedule is going to take some precision planning. The problem is that I am so tired, not from exercise per se, just from life, that I can hardly think about running, let alone do it!

Just as I am about to be overwhelmed by my own fatigue I stumble upon a facebook post from Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival  which shows an awe inspiring video of the marathon course. It’s just what the energy doctor ordered. I’m motivated and have got my mojo back. I’m back on track! I come home and the first thing I do is pack my running bag for tomorrow. I am going to get out, run about and cruise that course! For a sneaky peek of what’s in store, just click here