More Mountain Magic

Sarah and I are escaping to the country today. I’m retracing the steps that I took with Beverley and Joan last month, and heading for the Blue Mountains! I am sticking to my tried and tested mountain favourites; in terms of things to do and places to stay, but I’m taking a twist on the transport. Today we’re railroading it to the Mountains – this is a whole new experience!

It’s a beautiful day for it, and we choo choo all the way to Katoomba! After so much sitting down, it’s nice to get out and stretch our legs in the mountain sunshine, and take the long walk “home” to Shelton Lea! If the truth be told, it’s quite a hike so we get a bit of a bonus workout!

No sooner do we drop our bags and refuel our bellies, than we head off out into the sunshine to re-train to the pretty little town of Leura. We have a merry old time checking out all the little boutiques and burning holes in our wallets! I get some new cookie cutters for my collection and a snazzy glove to wear when grating, which means in future, I can stick to shredding food stuffs and not my neatly manicured hands! We even grab a coffee in the gorgeous Leura Gourmet and Deli, where we drink  coffee and soak up the beautiful views across the Megalong Valley.

Dinner is another repeat performance… we’re back at the Savoy. The cafe is the same, and my menu choice is the same, too! I can’t go past the delicious kangaroo burger. Sarah tries her first taste of kangaroo and loves this more-ish meat! After dinner, the sky puts on a shimmering show and we are bedazzled by the starry, starry night! The mountain air works it’s magic, and we are tucked up early in our big, granny bed, like two old grannies for a good granny sleep. Sweet mountain dreams…