Mountain Climbers

I’m up and out early getting me my mountain groceries and a stash of supplies for our big bushwalk today.

Breakfast is a feast from Jenny’s kitchen which sets up nicely for the long walk ahead. First off, we swing by  Echo Point and are awestruck by the breathtaking views across  the Jamison Valley, and of the famous Three Sisters. Then we tackle the 670 steps of the Giant Stairway and take a lesiurely stroll along Dardanelle’s Pass, and then the Federal Pass, until we reach Scenic World, where we take the nail biting ride in the Scenic Railway to the top. Sarah isn’t a big fan of heights and can’t face the mile high ride on the skyway back across the valley.  Her fear of heights has actually done us a favour because we get to take the scenic route home and I get to take a road I’ve never travelled. We pass a plethora of lookouts, enjoy the views at Katoomba Cascades and finally get right back to where we started, at Echo Point, which looks just as beautiful, if not moreso, than it did in the morning! What a beautiful bushwalk!

Back at the ranch, our long walk home is rewarded with more treats from Jenny’s kitchen. We feast upon some truly tasty Anzac Biscuits drizzled with chocolate. It’s the ultimate carb loading and I love it!

After a little R and R we take a walk on the wild side at Katoomba RSL where we tuck into a 10 dollar carvery and indulge in some midweek Trivia. I have fond memories of this place; big belly laughs and big bottles of wine were enjoyed by all, when we popped by with Bev and Joan last month, and tonight is turning out to be almost as memorable. I can only describe the carvery as a tastier and bigger version of a school dinner, and as for the trivia, to say we are playing out of our league is an understatement. Sarah and I are on our lonesome, and the other teams are vast in number and fonts of local knowledge. Lucky for us, Sarah took a healthy interest in the local newspaper this afternoon and can answer all the questions about the forthcoming local elections, it’s just all the other questions that pose a problem. As it is, Team Samaz comes last but,  only by half a point! Somtimes, it’s not the winning, it’s the fun you have taking part that counts!