Friendship Fest

Sarah and I have a sporty start to Saturday – Sarah is swimming and I’m running rings around Sydney. You can tell Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival  is nigh because the city is experiencing a running revolution! There are runners everywhere. It feels good to be part of it! I’m pretty pumped to add another 11km to my tally – my workout tips are coming in thick and fast!

Feeling the need for speed I make a delicious Thermomix Blueberry Sponge Cake  in minutes in the Thermie which gives me a whole heap of extra time to go off and do something interesting instead.

After lunch, it’s time to welcome our friend Jo, to Sydney. She’s taken the scenic route, travelling from Brisbane via Newcastle! The three of us spend the afternoon catching up in the sunshine, before enjoying sky high sunset drinks at Orbit Bar. From our sky high view, Sydney is looking mighty fine. We take so many photos, the other punters must think us paparazzi!

Oldies but goodies

Later there’s a big fat Lebanese feast at Safi  and lots of wine and good times.

Later, we meet David on his way home from a beer and cheer afternoon so we stop in for a nightcap next door at the Cabana Bar. We can’t work out whether everyone else looks so young, or we just feel too  old, but surely, we’re wearing far too many clothes and  are old enough to be parents to some of these party goers! It’s makes us feel positively jurassic and gives us the incentive we need to head for home, which luckily, for tired, old us, is just around the corner!