Rock On

“Fragile” would be a good way to describe everyone this morning after the night before! We spend the morning regrouping and after lunch I take Sarah to the Rocks Markets, an unmissable treat for anyone lucky enough to visit Sydney. I don’t think Sarah believed me when I told her she’d be able to purchase all the gorgeous gifts she wanted, and more, from this stunning set of stalls. However, seeing is believing and she shops up a storm. The Rocks rock! After we stop off at the famous Australian Hotel for some liquid refreshment… didn’t you know, shopping is thirsty work?!

Back at the ranch, everyone takes to the sofa and enjoys a big chill. We can’t face a dining out and about so it’s dinner-in tonight. I’m tired too, so plump for something speedy and simple. We feast on Oven Baked Fish and Chips which is delicious, despite my angry oven char-grilling my chips! The herb topping is healthy and truly delicious. Everyone definitely needs dessert today, so my Thermomix Blueberry Sponge Cake saves the day. It’s hot and hearty and slathered with custard, just the way we like it!