Not to Scale!

I have to face the music and face the scales this morning at Weight Watchers. It seems like a lifetime ago since I weighed in, well maybe it’s not quite  that long, but it’s certainly long enough to have acquired a couple of kilos. The extra baggage I have accrued has thrown my lifetime membership into question. In future, I might have to weigh and pay. Mon dieu! It’s pretty frustrating as before my surgery I had maintained my weight without any problems for a whole  year, and I’ve been fighting a losing battle since my surgery. Still, I’d rather have some extra inches than have cancer. It’s all relative!

The weigh-in woe is just the motivation I need to hit the road running. Literally. There’s nothing more mood-enhancing, mind clearing and spirit lifting than a good run and this is just what the Weight Watchers lady ordered! 10km of run and fun. Burn calories burn!

After the usual cafe coffee and the grocery grab, it’s time to create some kitchen chaos. The Thermomix is in demand today. Lunch is Nigella’s Butternut and Kumara Soup tweaked to make it thermie friendly. It’s soup-endous! While I’m enjoying the thrill of the thermie, I have another go at the  Sponge Cake, but this time I swap the blueberries for some sliced strawberries. There’s nothing nicer than cooking with what’s in season!

The oven is on, and in an effort to be environmentally friendly, I decide to try the Butterscotch Cookies and let them cook along with my cake. These little butterscotch beauties are freezer friendly too, so I make a batch for now and save a batch for later.

I don’t know where time goes to, it must be true what they say about it flying by when you’re having fun, because before I know it, it’s time for our dinner date with Tracey and Nick!