Thyroids Annoyed!

It’s a busy day and I manage to cram it all in. Running, baking, blogging and I even get hooked on my counselling books. It’s all go.

In the evening while I wind down I start playing with my Instagram app. To the lay person, I can only describe it as like Facebook for photos. I’m experimenting with hashtags, the more hashtags you put on your photo, the more people will see it.

I type in all kinds of weird and wonderful words and up pop lots of weird and wonderful photos. I finally get to enter “thyroid” and “thyroid cancer” and I can’t believe how many photos I see. It’s mind boggling. I’m not shocked by the scars, that come in all shapes and sizes, I’m shocked by how many young women also have this disease. I would like to think that I’m young, and they’re all plenty younger than me.

So I’m thinking either this disease is affecting a lot of young people or old people don’t know how to use Instagram. I don’t know which it is but either way I feel an affinity to all these women worldwide whose lives have also been touched by Thyroid Cancer; the surgeries, the drugs, the radioactivity and the joys of eating iodine free. I hope their journey is as easy to travel as mine.