We’re back, it’s busy!

We’re homeward bound. It’s a long drive  but we refuel our traveller’s tummies in the pretty country town of Bowral en route. We also stop off at the garden centre and get a whole heap of new herbs for my gorgeous, growing herb garden, and throw a watering can and some plant food in for good measure. I am a very happy shopper!

We take advantage of having wheels and have a jolly at the big supermarket. Although we love my nana trolley, it’s such a luxury to go shopping with a car, still, we mustn’t get too used to it!

The weather in Sydney is glorious today and I take advantage of the sunshine and get busy on the balcony. Today, I add a chilli plant, some basil, thyme, lemon thyme, dill and coriander to my collection. The balcony is looking like a big, green, herb growing machine! It’s looking totally herbalicious out there!

Dinner is fast, fresh and fishy and straight from the Thermie. The lovely Yvonne, (she who introduced me to the joy of Thermomix)  sent through a list of all the local consultants’ favourite recipes and I have decided to take it upon myself to work my way through all their delicious dishes. Tonight it’s Kate’s favourite; Snapper a la Josie which I think has instantly become our favourite too (until the next thing  comes out of the Thermomix that is!)

There’s no place like home, that’s true, and certainly there’s no place as busy as home either! After a few hours back on home ground, I feel like I need another weekend away. Holidays ahoy!