A Sunny Spring Afternoon

I wake up as if from a coma. It takes me back to the good old post-Operative days when I was experiencing the joys of hyperthyroidism (and I say that firmly with my tongue in my cheek!) I find ploughing through a pile of ironing a most surprising pick me up and then I’m ready to run around the block.  I can always rely on a run to get me going and I sweat my way home with raging endorphins!

I reach my peak after lunch, when we spend an afternoon in the sunshine with Adam, Leda, baby Chloe and a few bottles of Prosecco. Everything is wonderful – the food, the weather, the wine and of course, the company! Leda magics up an amazing Fennel, Prawn and Citrus Salad  and Adam barbecues a juicy butterflied shoulder of lamb which he has already marinated. We wolf it all down with carrot and ginger puree and smashed potatoes. I always think food tastes so much better when you haven’t had to make it! It’s like being in the Masterchef kitchen!

There’s my Orange Polenta Cake  for dessert and it receives the seal of approval. I love the way the syrup makes the top all zesty and crunchy and the polenta gives the cake a lovely texture. Polenta is so underrated. I think it’s a cake’s best friend!

It must be true what they say about time flying by when you’re having fun, because when I look at my watch it’s nearly 7 o’ clock! My word! I love spending Spring with friends!