Stolen Moments

Time has been in short supply of late and I’ve hardly done a bit of baking.  There’s no doubt about it, my colleagues are hungrier and thinner.

As a result, I  have taken to baking in stolen moments. Saturday night, I whipped up the Orange Polenta Cake  after a delicious dinner out. I was so stuffed, I don’t quite know how I managed to look at another food item, let alone bake a cake. But I did.

Today after I run home, I’m at it again. I seize the moment and get busy baking. Baking cakes is a bit like running (although not quite as healthy.) It always makes me feel good. This arvo, it’s a spur of the moment cake, as I don’t have much butter, and what I do have is hard as a rock, so I find a cake that uses oil and can be made in minutes! Hooray for the Naughty Chocolate Cake. It’s naughty, but nice!