Hot and Juicy

Today I’m up early enough to take my meds and  drink a healthy juice straight from the thermie. My Carrot and Orange Juice  gets my day off to an awesome orangey start! I’ve got a feeling that today is going to be a good day!

The mercury really rises in Sydney and it is seriously sunny. At least that’s what my trusty people on the street tell me. You see I work in a bit of a bubble and neither my classrooms nor my office enjoy any natural light so I have no idea of what the weather is doing at any given time. Of course, I can leave the building and bathe in the natural city light, but more often than not, I don’t. Me thinks I must love my job a bit too much!

So once I enter the building, I don’t see daylight again until I leave it! And when I leave today, ready to run home, it’s seriously sunny! This is run in the sun in the extreme,  and despite slathering myself in my sun cream I feel like a raw egg frying on a hot car bonnet. However, I tell myself, it won’t do me any harm, in fact it will do me a lot of good, in my attempt to be a hardy all weather runner!

I must be some sort of soothsayer as we have my Fantastic Felafel Salad  for dinner tonight. It’s the perfect Summer supper salad! I know it’s good because David, he who is a hater of salads, has this at the top of  his list of  favourite dinners! It’s fast, it’s fresh and it’s full of flavour, perfect for a couple or  for a crowd. We haven’t had this for ages, and, my how we’ve missed it!Fabulous Felafel Salad

Just to tie up all the loose ends, I also get a letter from the Prof recapping Thursday’s meet and greet for the Endo and my GP. He is pleased with my progress, but he does say that although recurrence is looking unlikely, this prognosis “is tempered somewhat by the unusual underlying pathology.” I guess that means, that just like a trusty musketeer I must stay “on guard!”