Almost Famous!

I’ve been in touch with Anna over at the Kolling Foundation since the days when my fundraising began. She and her team have been super supportive, keeping in touch and even kitting me out in my very own Kolling Foundation singlet.

Crossing the finish line was a proud moment, but I got a little prouder still when Anna approached me when the run was done to ask if I wanted to share my story in the Kolling October Newsletter. How could I refuse?

Anna clearly has a way with words and wrote a glowing account of my Half Marathon Milestone which you can read here. Reading my story makes me feel proud, almost famous and like I’m having an out of body experience all at the same time! I certainly don’t feel strong or inspirational, but I do feel happy; happy to have been healthy enough to achieve my goal and happy to have raised funds for such an awesome cause.

And hey, if my story can inspire others, then that’s just another blessing for me to count! That being said, there’s  12 more days of frantic fundraising to go, so there’s still time for you to dig deep, show your support and donate to a very worthwhile cause. Donating is a doddle – just click here!