Pizza Perfect

Thermomix No-Cheese-Hot-n-Spicy Pizza

What better way to celebrate Friday than with pizza! And not just any old pizza either, homemade pizza fresh from the thermie. I looked carefully and learned a lot when Yvonne came over for the Varoma demo and I’m pleased to say my pizza prowess is much improved. We take Yvonne’s advice and pop the naked bases into the oven for 5 minutes before we top them with gusto.

The joy of making home made pizza is, for me, a little like going to a food court.  You can share a meal with others, but you don’t have to eat the same sort of stuff. Just for the record,  I don’t think David and I have ever been to a food court and eaten from the same outlet, and it’s no different at home, our pizza preferences are poles apart. Pizza night is perfect for us pair!

All the talk of Hawaii this week must have tickled David’s  fancy because he tops his pizza off with ham, pineapple, masses of mozzarella and of course, the quintessential jalapenos for an extra kick!

I prefer my pizzas cheese-less and tonight is no exception. I stick to a tomato base, throw on some tuna, some olives and then go green and mean, with jalapenos, capers and artichoke hearts. I sprinkle liberally with chilli salt and end up with a pizza so hot, it makes my eyes water. But mama mia, it’s good!


Best of all, there’s still half a batch of dough to pop in the freezer for next time! Pizza perfect!