IKEA Heaven

I've been to Ikea!

Today we make the trek across town to IKEA. We haven’t been for a while, and my wish list has gotten a lot longer since our last visit! I can take or leave the furniture; I don’t have my own home, enough space or enough money for most of the larger items, they go straight on my “one day, when we have a house and a dog list.” A girl has to dream, don’t she?!

I am a woman on a mission and I head straight to the market place. I could easily melt my credit card here but to mine and David’s surprise I’m relatively restrained. I get a well needed light to make my food photos better, some yuletide paraphenalia, a few pretty placemats and some jolly little jars. That’s all I can remember anyway!

When I empty the bags at home I have a rather more extensive  and weird and wonderful selection from my IKEA booty bag. 5 placemats, 4 chopping boards, 3 bowls, 2 packs of serviettes and 1 cuddly toy. Not to mention a basil plant – just in case my seeds don’t come to fruition! What a successful expedition!