Started But Finished

The tank is empty

Wowzers! After an hour training with Kathy, I’m finished and the day is only just starting! A few times, while I’m sweating buckets, hurting like hell and throwing outrageously heavy weights around, I think about giving up, that I just can’t do it. Of course, with Kathy on my case, can’t and won’t are available word choices, she keeps telling me how I can. What she doesn’t know!

Actually, I have  an epiphany while I’m working out. I realise I can do anything I want to! If I can survive cancer, and if I can run a half marathon, then I can darn well lift my weights with gusto. Too often, I think,  our minds fail us before our bodies do. My body is, if not willing, at least, able to do anything I ask it to, if only I don’t let my negative thoughts get in the way. Running is like that too, the mind gives up long before the legs. Life’s no different – it’s hard to get tough when the tough gets going. But we all have the resources to rise up and meet challenges, and triumph over adversity. Think positive, feel positive!

I remember that quote “everything you need is inside.” So true! You just have to use it!

It’s only later that I realise I’ve forgotten to take my meds. Now there’s a first. Seems that this morning, everything I need is not quite inside!