CST (Christmas Saving Time)

Christmas is coming Sydney!

Well the silly season has so taken me by surprise this year. My preparations are sadly lacking, as is time, and as are my energy levels!

Usually I send a whole collection of cards, purchase a plethora of presents and love every minute. This year however, as I am yet to get off the seasonal starting blocks, I have decided some damage limitation is in order if I am to keep body and soul together for Christmas!

First off, the Christmas cards are getting the chop. I have decided this small gesture is kind to trees, and kind to myself. This will save me so much time and energy and avoid the gold plated postage costs. I have always been a big lover of cards, both giving and receiving, and in many ways I still am, but you have to work with what you’ve got. We haven’t got so many trees, and I haven’t got much time, so it’s ho, ho, ho, ecards are the go, this festive season. This way, all my nearest and dearest and for that matter,  farthest and fabulous, can all have a greeting, that’s fast, festive, personal and sweet for me and the environment. It’s a win win situation.

I truly believe Christmas is a time for children (and,  big kids like me!) That said, I am happy to  bestow the small people with gifts a plenty, but might give the adults a miss this year. Sometimes, it just gets out of hand, as we buy to reciprocate and/or recieve. I would much rather spend that money on a nice dinner or drink or coffee with that special someone or just buy them something special but spontaneous throughout the year. I love Secret Santa,  if you can be organised enough to do the draw in time for yuletide (which I am clearly not,) and have enough friends and family to join in, it’s a surefire way to ensure that everyone has a present that pleases!

However, there’s some gifts that just can’t be missed and this year, I’ve shopped smart and melted the credit card online. No queues, no Scrooge shoppers and no Christmas crowds. It is the ultimate in retail therapy!

If I am going to give gifts I want them to be thoughtful, personal and made with love, and for that dear friends, there’s my trusty Thermomix. What’s better than a homemade gift? My mind is boggling with the Christmas treats I can create!

I can compromise on the cards and the gifts but not on the tree, it’s tradition. It’s not expensive because I use it year after year, it’s environmentally friendly, see previous point, and I can assemble and decorate it in one easy step. Furthermore, it’s good value for money, as we’ve enjoyed it once already when we celebrated Christmas in July!

All my time, money and energy saving measures are going to help me put my new theory into practice, less is more!

Do you go card crazy,  or give a plethora of presents at Christmas? If you have any time, money or energy saving tips for the silly season, pray do tell!

Picture Reference: Jim Butcher