True Bloods

I’m pleased to say it’s been a while since I’ve entered a medical facility for my own diagnosis or treatment, and that’s something I’ve really relished. As much as I love all my doctors to bits, I am more than happy not to see them! I like to work on the premise that absence makes the heart goes fonder!

I’m back to the Endo on Friday for the latest in a long line of 6 month check ups, and today I am getting geared up for the appointment with a blood test, just so we have something to talk about. Some people think Smarties have the answer. But today, my blood does. It will show if my Cancer is “busy” and it will also give us the lowdown on my thryoid levels. “Lowdown” being the operative word here! I am sure I need more drugs. In my opinion (which is based on instinct not on a knowledge of medicine, ) there’s so much more of me, since I had my surgery, that there’s just not enough drugs to get round my bigger body!

I have no time to think about the test and/or the results. What will be, will be and will be on Friday.  So I’ll start musin about it then. In the meantime, I have the important matter of assembling a gingerbread Christmas tree to attend to! Watch this space!

Cookie Christmas Tree is Go!