Results Emergency!

Martin Place Christmas Tree

So the results are in. I want to be quietly confident that all is well, but at the same time, I want to be on guard just in case there are any curveballs coming my way. As it is, the Endo’s office is feeling fabulously festive and I’m feeling remarkably relaxed.

The good news is my antibodies are going down, which is certainly a move in the right direction. My thyroid levels are exactly where the Endo wants them to be, so that means no more drugs, and no more chocolate. I am already living out of a capsule wardrobe, of a few items that still fit my fuller frame, although I’m surprised when she tells me, that I weigh the same as I did last time! Freaky!

We grab the paperwork for the scan, ultrasound and blood tests in 6 months time, not forgetting the script for the gold plated Thyrogen,  worth every last penny for every last drop! I guess when we are through with all those tests  next year, I’ll feel like I’ve dotted the I’s, crossed the T’s and checked up as much as I can on the big C.

All that’s left is to leave a parting gift, of Almond Addiction,  made with love, and of course, made in the Thermie. Lucky the Endo is not allergic to nuts. That could have been a most unhappy ending!

We’re off on our merry way – back to the hospital to see Belinda via the Emergency Room. My mutant thumb that has been big and swollen and super sore for weeks has rocketed into another pain plateau. I can hardly move said thumb and it feels really dodgy. I get into the Fast Track Department which means I get seen by a doctor super quick and then have to relax and go slow while I wait for an x-ray. I think I am the oldest person in Emergency (doctors included!) and the radiologist looks about 12; either everyone else is drinking from the fountain of eternal youth or I’m just getting old – fast!

So, after another blood test, a handful of painkillers and a few x-rays later, the youmg doctor is happy to inform me that my thumb isn’t broken! I may however, have pulled a muscle, or, and I quote,  “bearing in mind my age,”  it might be the start of gout or arthiritis! Fast track indeed! I’ve just fast tracked myself from one medical drama into another! I’m not about  to pop pills for a condition I am not sure I have, so I decide to suck it up and put up with the pain, and hope that it goes away. And if it doesn’t I’ll cross that bridge and get that blood test when it comes to it!

To top off our trio of medical madness we swing by Belinda’s bedside to say g’day, and she gets to say that she’s getting outta hospital on Monday. This is the best news ever. However, I’ve really gotten used to having  Belinda-on-Demand and am going to really miss her when she goes home. The Feeder Programme won’t be the same without her!