Thumb Deal

Splint - Thumb Deal

My GP is very clever, has a lot of experience and a great sense of humour. After I showed her my oh-so-sore-and-swollen thumb and told her of  my symptoms and the underage ER doctor’s verdict, she smiled and said “at your age it’s definitely not gout or arthiritis” at which point I breathed a big sigh of relief, “it’s trigger thumb!” I thought she was having a laugh and was going to give me a proper diagnosis. But that was  the diagnosis.

No one knows how I hurt my thumb, least of all me. However, my mum thinks it’s a result of too much cooking in the kitchen, David thinks it’s RSI from using my iphone but  I like to think the reason is more hardcore, and that it’s because of boxing.

Whatever the cause, the result was, I was back in radiology for another ultrasound and another x-ray… just to tick all the boxes. I must say, it was quite a treat to have an ultrasound of  a body part where I could actually see the screen. I find watching an ultrasound strangely mesmerising. This picture the nurse showed me told me a little bit more about trigger thumb, but not a lot.

Trigger Thumb

Of course, I could do some research on the internet  to find out about the condition but I won’t. Researching illnesses on the internet can sometimes be dangerous, I’ve learnt that the hard way.

The results are in. I have a trigger thumb. I am rather relieved because I was beginning to think I had Munchausen’s. So, ho, ho, ho off  to the physio I go. Physio Bruce magics up this attractive splint using a  piece of plastic mesh, a water bath and a fish slice. Amazing, hey?

The theory is that the splint will hold my thumb in place and give it a well earned rest. I have to sport this splint for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4, or until my thumb feels better, whatever comes first! It’s not exactly an accessory I would have chosen, for a start, it’s not pink, but I have to admit, it’s pretty eye catching (but not for any of the right reasons!) I wonder if I could start a whole new fashion trend… I still feel a bit hard done by, Michael Jackson got one rhinestone glove, and all I got was this lousy thumb splint! (How’s that for a t-shirt slogan?)

Although the splint is undeniably unsightly and my thumb is thoroughly uncomfortable, there’s still a flip side. Most notably, I can’t do any washing up. Lucky for me I have a dishwasher and, a David! It’s curtailing my eating habits too. Cutting my food is about as easy as touching my nose with my elbow. Not only is David now washing the dishes, he’s also cutting my food! This is really a sight to behold!

I am sorry that prior to my trigger trauma, I had taken my thumb for granted. Thumbs are underrated. However, my injury is inconvenient at worst, and hopefully, only temporary. Once again, I am reminded how lucky I am that I have all my body parts and that most of them are in good working order. Others do much more with a lot less, so today, I’m not going to moan, I’m going to be thankful.