Photo a Day: Glee in Week Three

Spurred on by my inclusion in Fat Mum Slim’s Fab Four last week, I have been snapping like it’s going out of fashion! I love Photo A Day – I love the spin it puts on things.

Day 13 makes the Fab Four

Day 14 was Something Yellow. This was going to be a tough one because I have never been a big fan of yellow, per se. Yellow clothes don’t do my blonde hair any favours and I was brought up believing  yellow things attract insects. So Monday was a tad tough. However, I stumbled upon these yellow capsicums in the supermarket and they looked so bold and bright, I had to get a shot of them. In fact, I liked them so much they’ve inspired me to grow some of my own. Soon. Well, soon-ish. I am sure they will be a welcome addition to my balcony garden.

January Day 14 - Yellow

Day 15 was An Ordinary Moment. I think the escalator is a metaphor for life; always moving and full of ups and down! And as for the feet, well, best foot forward and all that!

January Day 15 - An Ordinary Moment

Day 16 was Two Things. The possibilities were endless but not when I was ensconsed in the hairdresser’s chair getting a cut and colour. Here’s Heather working her magic with her scissors and comb. Incidentally, this is the chair. The chair where I was told I had Cancer. Not many people can say that they got their Cancer diagnosis under a heat lamp in the salon, can they? I always did like to be different!

January Day 16 - Two Things

Day 17 was Ready. Life is too short to clock watch but I couldn’t help myself on Thursday in my desperation to get out the office door! 4.15 is finish time and although I love my job alot, I love hometime even more!

January Day 17 - Ready

Day 18 was Shadow. This was the day the mercury tipped 45 degrees CELCIUS and I, in my wisdom decided a walk in search of a shadow shot was in order! I am a crazy lady! It was so hot, I was postively cooking out there! I didn’t have to go far, to see this beautiful tree in shadow. I love that about Photo A Day, you notice things so much more! Sometimes we’re so busy, we look but we don’t really see, do you know what I mean?

January Day 18 - Shadow

Day 19 was Delicious. We were over at a friend’s for a barbecue and I was delicioulsy spoilt for choice. In the end, I settled on a snap of my beautiful Thermomix Beetroot Salad. I love the look, (oh, so colourful) and the taste, (oh so fresh,) and the fascinating fact that I can make it in minutes! This is about as healthy and delicious as it gets!

January Day 19 - Delicious

Day 21 was Something You Saw.  I actually saw lots of things but in the end I settled on this fabulous flower. If only I had seen it earlier, in the week, it would have made a mellow Something Yellow shot! It was a bright beauty in a sea of grey concrete buildings and I loved the look of it so much, I had to take a shot of it. I am reliably informed by my flowery friends Agata and Kevin, that it is in fact a Canna Lily. Isn’t it as pretty as a picture?

January Day 20 - Something You Saw

So that’s my week in pictures, I love them all, because they put a little more see in me!