Good News Friday

It’s D-day! I’m up bright and early to be under the scanner. There’s nothing untoward about this scan apart from the fact that you have a  machine in your face (literally) and you have to lie still as a statue for an hour. I could probably win the title of the World’s Worst Fidget so staying still for that long was no mean feat! To be fair, my arms were in a support and I was swaddled in my blanket so tight that there wasn’t much room to move anyways.


Once the scans were complete I had to dash off for more blood tests. It seems I’ve had so much blood drawn this week I’m surprised I had any left!

I left Farah, the lovely nuclear medicine nurse, with some cake as a parting gift. It wasn’t radioactive, I whizzed it up on Wednesday in my Thermomix inbetween my ultrasound appointment and my return trip to down my capsule  – how’s that for effective time management? She looked so happy, it made me happy. Life’s better when you’re eating (and for that matter, giving,) cake!

After my hour of inertia on the scanning table, I went out for a run. Running always makes me happy. I just found my happy pace and ran with it. Today, I ran with a purpose and, cake, and took some baked goods  to Super Bev the receptionist at my doctors’ surgery. She was away when I visited on Tuesday and I hated for her to miss out. Believe me, nothing tastes as good as sharing cake feels. The smile on her face was magic! I ran my way to a milestone and a blue badge on my Nike Plus – completing my first 1000km! That certainly put a smile on my face!


Lying still for an hour is hard but that’s nothing compared to waiting for the results. It’s torturous! My friend Judy and I played ladies that lunch and went for an ocean drive. Lunch was delicious and the stunning scenery was a wonderful distraction. Why watch the clock when you can check out views like this?


The doctor didn’t take too long to put me out of my misery. The scan results came  in and they’ were clear. There then followed a big sigh of relief, a little happy dance and squeals of delight. We’re still waiting on the blood work but I’m going to be cautiously optimistic.

When it comes to Cancer,  I always think you’re only as good as your next set of tests. Today, I got the best results I could have hoped for and it’s given me the all clear, maybe not forever, but certainly for six months of good health and wellbeing. That’s quite enough to be going on with thank you very much!

What’s making you smile this Friday?