Endos and New Beginnings

The Waiting Chair

See this chair? It’s at the Endocrinologist’s office. I kept it warm for the best part of an hour and a half this afternoon while I was waiting.

Cancer is a waiting game in so many ways. Today I am really reminded of that. By the time I rock up in the Endocrinologist’s office I am so over the waiting. Let’s just spill the beans, already!

However, my doctor is busy, as in, behind schedule busy. My patience is never ending. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em that’s what I say, so I make myself busy with my iphone, which never fails to keep me out of mischief.

Finally after what seems like an eternity, (but which in reality was only half an hour,) we get to see the Endo. Long time, no see and long time, no official results. As for those official results, it seems the wait might not be over because no one seems to know where they are – least of all, the doctor. Ooopsie!

I work on the premise of no news is good news and after a neck check, a next step review and a weigh in, I sit it out in the waiting room while the receptionist tries to track my results down! I divide my time between twiddling my thumbs and bookmarking delicious Australian Women’s Weekly recipes.

After another half hour, the hospital get their act together and finally fax the missing results to the doc who dumps the patient she’s seeing like a hot potato to come out and give me the long-awaited-lowdown.

So, the news is in! The scan is clear and my antibodies are going down, down, down but there’s still some way to go. The problem with those antibodies is that they’re like white noise on my blood results. Until they really reduce in number, we can’t check my Thyroglobulin levels, which will tell us, how busy, or not, the Cancer is. Looks like we’ll  have to wait another six months until the next set of blood tests to see the bigger picture! Patience is the order of the day.

Today marks the endo one chapter and heralds the beginning of another!  I can look forward to six months of being scan-free, endocrinologist-free and Cancer-free. Three more reasons to think happy and be happy.

Do you have plenty of patience, or do you hate to wait?