Onesie one-derful!

So I bought David a onesie for his birthday because I really wanted one and I figured that by getting him one, he’d get the hint and get me one for my birthday six days later. Things didn’t quite go according to plan. He did lavish me with gifts but there wasn’t a onesie in sight. I put a brave face on it but secretly, I was pea green with envy because he had a onesie and I didn’t.

Onesies have hit the headlines rather a lot recently but for all the wrong reasons!  Then I read Kerri’s article about onesies where she shared her secret to interpersonal harmony.  I came to the conclusion that  if David and I  both wore onesies we would live in a perpetual state of maritial bliss. A onesie was eleveated from a luxury item, to a neccesary item. Our marriage needed it!

Fortunately, I lucky enough to get a birthday voucher for my favourite PJ store Peter Alexander. That was the place where I replenished my hospital wardrobe and to this day,  I  still spend many an hour instore, feeling up the flanelette and stroking the silks. No prizes for guessing how I splashed my cash! I am now the proud owner of a pink teddy onesie!

Onesie One-derful!

I am sure the design is more fitting for a 4 year old than a 42 year old, but I have always been a child at heart, reluctant adult that I am. Rest assured, I am not planning to hit the streets in my new teddy attire, this nifty little number is purely in-house.

Now that we are a house of Onsies everything is one-derful. Kerri was so right, it’s hard to fight with someone who’s dressed head to toe in pink teddies and looks cuter than a button. It’s domestic bliss when you’re wearing this!

Maybe I’ve reverted to the halcyon days when I was a toddler and living it large in babygros, but I love my onesie. Pardon my pun, but in my onesie I sleep as soundly as a dream baby with my arms stretched out above my head, which I’m sure I haven’t done since I last slept in a cot.

If only my onesie had a hood and foot pads, I think my life would be complete. In the meantime, I wouldn’t say no to a his and hers pair of animal onesies but David had to draw the line somewhere!

I’d choose a pig, because it’s my Chinese horoscope, my favourite colour and I love a good feed!

Onesies… love ’em or hate ’em? If you could have an animal onesie what would you choose?