The other day I just had one of those days. You know those days. It started off well enough but rapidly progressed into a comedy of errors.

The problems peaked early in morning class when I could feel something tickling my boob. First off, I thought it was a slipped strap on my bra, but when I checked  said strap was still valiantly in place holding up my equipment. Then I thought it was one of those hanger loops on my dress and adjusted it accordingly. After that I got engrossed in the joys of the Present Perfect with my students and forgot all about my tickly boob.

Later at breaktime, the tickles were back. Checked the bra, checked the hanger loop and in the privacy of my own desk decided to check inside my dress. And there, resting on my breast was a moth of enormous proportions. If this moth was a McDonalds it wouldn’t be a happy meal or even a regular, it would be super sized. My scream was as huge as the moth and managed to bring an office of hardworking teachers to a standstill.

Not my hand. Nor my moth. But you get the idea...

Kitty came to the rescue,  gently woman-handling the moth to freedom while I retreated to the photocopy room and shuddered with terror. I thought cockroaches were my nemesis, but I was wrong, moths are. The moth was totally unpertubed and flew off into the dictionaries, which, for the record I’m sure aren’t nearly as comfortable as my boob.

David says we will have to open all the drawers and check the closets. Apart from the aversion to exerting the extra energy and effort, I am not really relishing the prospect of finding more moths and then having another spectacular meltdown. Aaargh!

Gary says that these moths are migrating and that they’re also highly nutritious. High in protein and low in fat, the very thought of eating one is enough to send me vegetarian! Hosting a moth was bad enough, perish the thought of eating one!

On the up side (and there is always an upside) it was quality office entertainment. People haven’t been that excited since we got new whiteboard markers. I was like the  Staffroom Sideshow.

My friend Rebecca had a cockroach in a shoe story to rival my moth in a bra. Scary stuff!

Have you got any stowaway insect stories to share? Can you trump my tale? Go ahead, make my day!

photo credit Emily Hoyer via photopin cc