Happy Belated Birthday Blog


Wowzers! The blog just turned 2! It must be true what they say about time flying by when you’re having fun. I can hardly believe it. Where did those 730 days go? (Answers in the comments, if you please!)

As time marches on and I put more space between Thyroid Cancer and me, I think how the blog is a metaphor of  my life since my diagnosis. Even though the blog was born as a result of something really awful, it has turned into something super positive, and, something that I really love. Maybe other people love it too, which is the icing on the birthday cake.

Don’t get me wrong, writing those blog posts in the early days was confronting but it was enormously therapeutic. Those verbal tsunamis were strangely cathartic and gave me a healthy sense of perspective in a very unhealthy situation. I know that others in a similar position to me have also drawn comfort from those words, and that makes it all so worth it.

My blog has really accelerated my journey on  the road to recovery. It’s given me a new purpose and positive outlook. It keeps me focused doing the things I love; writing, making a mess of the kitchen and loving the little things in life. Aside from anything else, the recipe library has saved me from many a supermarket meltdown when I have forgotten my shopping list. I can think of no better way to store my favourite recipes!

That being said, I am by nature a commitmentphobe. My feet are so itchy, I’m never in one job for long, I hate being obligated to anything or anyone, and feeling needed makes me nervous. Ironically, apart from getting married, my blog is the biggest commitment I have ever undertaken. Blogging requires time, energy and staying power, none of which I have a lot of. Of course, I’ve contemplated breaking up with my blog. More than once.  Mad as it sounds, I’m fearful that if I stop blogging my Cancer will come back and I’ll have to come back to my blog, and dust it off with my tail between my legs. That wouldn’t be the end of the world but I have an aversion to tempting fate. My mind is a crazy place, can’t you tell?

Anyway, I’m still up and running. And baking. And blogging. I’m living my dream and doing more of what I love. So Happy Belated Birthday Blog! Thank you for being there for me, in the good times, the bad times, in sickness and in health. Let the good times roll!

photo credit starfire via photopin cc