A Bright 2014

Life’s pretty full these days. Working, blogging, running, cooking, fun and sun. Just a few more hours (sleep) every day would go down very nicely. If only…

However, as busy as life can be, I can always find time for more, especially when it’s really value added. So, I joined Carly’s Bright Project, the purpose of which is to shine brighter in 2014. Each month participants are paired up with a different bright half and complete a little task. There’s an awesome Facebook community going on full of inspired and inspirational women. I’m loving it.

Although I’m already time poor, what I really like about the project is that it forces me to take time out, and indulge in a little ME time, so I can shine brighter, dream bigger and live better in 2014.

Before we joined the project, Carly asked us to choose a word we wanted to work on this year. My word is health. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. “She who has health, has everything.”

I piled on a lot of pounds last year and really want  to win  the Battle of the Bulge in 2014 and get back to a healthier weight range. I also want to make a concerted effort to eat more wholefoods and,  a big one for me, eat less gluten. I’m also willing my thyroid antibodies to rapidly reduce and get some good news from this year’s check ups.

For our first task we had to write to our other half and send them a letter and their word, a reminder of it or some representation of it. There was much stalking in the Facebook group and on Instagram which was right up my alley, as I’m naturally (very) nosy!


My bright half and I turned out to have a lot in common. It was fun putting a little package together for her, but the part of the task I enjoyed the most was writing the letter. I guess these days we don’t have much cause to write by hand, but I’d forgotten how much I loved letter writing  and how therapeutic it feels.

Then my package arrived and I was totally stoked. My other half totally nailed it with the gift spoiling me rotten with Jude Blereau’s  Wholefood (which I’ve secretly been lusting after for ages) and an amazing letter which inspired me to go out for a run right after I opened it.


This month, I got an amazing gift,  I got inspired, I got snail mail and best of all, I made a new friend.

Even though task one is finished, our little friendship is just beginning.

We’re already up and running with Task Two. A new task, a new adventure and a new Bright half. I’m loving it!

Who or what’s inspiring you this week?