Another Classic Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day down under is always a bit strange for me because although it’s Mother’s Day here, it’s not Mother’s Day over there. We always celebrate UK Mother’s Day because it is after all, all about mum, and I would hate for her to feel left out. However,  this always leaves me feeling like a spare part on Australian Mother’s Day.

So, every year for the past four years, I’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day at the Mother’s Day Classic with an 8km run. It’s become quite a tradition.


This wonderful event raises money for National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) research programs and raises awareness of breast cancer in the community. What I love most about this event is the way that it brings friends, families, workmates and the community together. This really is an event for everyone, no matter what your age, size or level of fitness.


Bonus, I get to wear as many pink things as possible! This makes me happy!


There are Mother’s Day Classic events in all major cities, with a variety of running and walking distances. In Sydney, the event takes place in the Domain and takes in some breathtaking harbour views.

I’m always moved by the tribute cards worn by runners and then placed on the Tribute Wall. They remind me of how lucky I am to have my mum and they highlight how too many peoples lives are touched by Cancer. Today, I’m running for Trish whose courage and bravery really inspires me. I know she would have run today, had there been an event in her area. I think she should pioneer one of her own next year!

The weather put on quite a show this year. It was glorious.


Kathy my ex-PT was in charge of the warm up and cheering everyone at the start line, rubbing shoulders with Michelle Bridges no less!


I had an epic ipod fail as I crossed the start line which meant I had to run the course in silence. Quelle horreur! However, I completed the 8km course, and got a pink banana and a medal for my efforts.


On the way home, I passed Channel 7’s outside broadcast of the event. I nearly got my 5 minutes of fame.


This time next week, I’ll be running almost 3 times the distance in the Sydney Morning Half Marathon. But if I can run 8km, I can run 21km! That’s Sam logic!

So, to all the old mums, young mums, new mums, mums to be, just-like-a-mum-to-me mums and of course, fur baby mums, I’m wishing you a wonderful day full of love, happiness, rest and relaxation! And of course, big hugs for those who have lost someone with whom they should be celebrating.

And if my mum’s reading this, thank you mum. You’re still my best!