How I Got My Ready Brek Glow and Thank You

I am so overcome with relief I cannot tell you.

Yesterday, I think I was in shock because although I always hope for good results, I always mentally prepare myself for bad ones. You don’t take anything as a given when you have had cancer.

The morning after the day before feels almost surreal. I am embarking on my next six month window of opportunity. And it feels good!

I felt so lucky yesterday not just because I got good news at the Endo’s office but because of all the support and good vibes surrounding me,  from David, my friends and family and all my virtual friends near and far. When I was a kid, I used to love watching the  Ready Brek (a hot oat cereal) adverts  because all the kids used to have this magic glow.

That’s how I felt yesterday, like I was walking around with an invisible force field of positive energy from all the love, support and good vibes coming my way. No one could see it, but I could feel it.

The interwebs get a bad press sometimes. I don’t know why because I  love the interwebs. It’s given me a little space to call my own where I can share my favourite recipes, ramble randomly and let out the thinks that I am thinking. It’s weird. I would never think of saying the things I write but when I sit down to the computer, the words just come out. Just like that, as if by magic. In the beginning, there were word tsunamis. Now there are just  words. Lots of them. I don’t know where they come from but they keep on coming.

It still surprises me that anyone except my mum reads my blog. (Thank you mum, for being my biggest fan.) I know a lot of people come here to my little corner of the interweb and hang out with me because Google tells me so. Sometimes they leave a comment which makes my heart especially happy, and sometimes they don’t, and that’s ok too. So, thank you for coming and being here (and there, over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.)

The interweb has given me the opportunity to connect with some amazing people here on the blog and on social media from all corners of the globe. I am friends with people I haven’t even met yet! It’s strange but true.

So today I am extra grateful. Thank you for my friends. The real ones, the inter ones, the near ones, the far ones, the ones I’ve met and the ones I haven’t. Thank you for my friends. They make me glow.

Thank you xx

What makes you glow?

photo credit Mark Rowland via photopin cc