Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Dallas Clayton

So I started following Dallas Clayton on Instagram and my heart does a happy dance every time I see a picture of his in my feed. This one is my far and away favourite.

Dallas Clayton

Dallas is big on ideas and has a big heart. Last week in his feed he said “while I love having ideas and trading them with friends and strangers, I think it is important to remember that once these ideas leave my mind, they are yours to do with what you will… make your own T-shirt, make your own poster, write anything I’ve written on the wallpaper of your choosing, I give you permission. Go nuts!”

So this is me going nuts. And sharing the Dallas Clayton love. If you haven’t followed Dallas on Instagram, you totally should @dallasclayton. I guarantee his feed will bring rainbows to your day and a warmth to your heart.

Who do you love following on Instagram? I’m always looking for new feeds to stalk, oops, I mean follow.