Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Paul Coelho

Now that we’ve had our share of health scares, I want to do  all the things. I never want to wake up knowing that I  have a long list of Things-to-Do, and I don’t mean gathering groceries and conquering the ironing mountain.

I don’t want to wait for one day, I want to do them now, or as close to it as I manage. I’ve got a wish list and I am determined to work through it, if it’s the last thing I do. Even if it is the last thing I do, at least I’ll have done it.

The past few weeks have taught me that life is precious, it moves fast and it comes with an expiry date.

Hold your loved ones close, tell them how much you love them, dream your dreams and then realise them.

Life is a To-Do list.

So tell me, what’s top of your list of Things-to-Do?