Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Worrying

I think I was born worrying. In fact, even having nothing to worry could be a reason for me to start worrying. Yes, I’m one of those people.

I remember once telling my counsellor about all the things I was worried about (it took quite some time as you can imagine.) We then went through each thing, and each time she would ask me how likely this was to happen, and each time my answer would be, highly unlikely. If ever.

That was my lightbulb moment. I had spent so much time worrying about what might happen that I was stopping myself from fully enjoying the things that really were happening.

Of course, there are some very real worries about things that are really happening and they have to be addressed. Actions speak louder than words.

Worrying doesn’t stop bad things happening. It just robs stops you enjoying the happiness you have today.

Were you born worrying too? What do you do to keep your worries at bay?

99 percent of worries